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Flying on the plane with an Infant or Toddler (or both) for the first time

I always travel to see family when I get a chance especially the HOLIDAYS even when I was pregnant but when I had my first child, flying with an infant was a little bit tricky and overwhelming especially when I was all by myself and flew for the first time with her.

**Although the year 2020 is unusual and travelling is not advisable, if you really need to travel, a fun road trip will be an option too but with babies will need more planning and prepping…

I always make a list when I plan to travel so I don’t miss anything when I start packing. It was more important when I had to travel with an infant and now two toddlers. Infants and toddlers are so adorable and cute but they are possibly the hardest traveler. If you will be travelling with an infant or a toddler or both, you will need these 8 essential items with you.

  1. Extra Bottle, Extra Snacks

Depending on how long your flight is, pack the right amount of formula and breastmilk that is allowed with you in the plane. Bring extra bottle and Snacks. My go-to cup and snack catcher for a mess-free trip.

Extra Clothes

It is my rule of thumb to have two sets of extra clothes just in case they get wet, throw up, or delayed flights that you have to stay overnight in a hotel or airport to wait for your next flight (happen to me a couple of times). All the things I need can be packed in my handy dandy bag pack/diaper bag (Still carrying it around when I have my girls with me). 

3. Extra Diapers and wipes

I will never forget when I run out of diapers in the airport. I brought 3 as I thought it was enough for a day of travelling. We are on our way to our second connecting flight and I was down to 1 and she was wearing it. The whole airport were sold out of diapers. Long story short I have to improvise on our last and third flight home. Blanket which brings me to the next essential item..

 4. Extra Blanket

One big light blanket and one little baby blanket or a burp cloth will come in handy. This will also help you and baby warm or can be a breastfeeding pillow for the trip.




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5. Baby carrier

Infants like it when they are snuggled and wrapped in, baby carrier can also free your arms to take care of your other toddler or do other things, as well as hold baby when you snooze in. Baby carriers are a life-saver if you ask me, and this one has a pocket for your phone.

6. Stroller and Carseat

Usually the stroller and carseat are checked in the plane but having the stroller with you is a big help with the before and after flights especially walking to your next connecting flight. I have used the 3-in-1 carseat-base-stroller that is very convenient and functional for both of my girls. Folds easily when you have to check it in too.

 7. Busy Bag / Ipad – charger

Not as much for infants but for toddlers, busy bag or iPad/tablet is a necessity. Here are ideas for activities on the plane and FREE apps you can download for your iPad or Tablet.

 8. Mommy bag

Don’t forget about your mommy needs. Anything can happen, baby can throw up on you or your toddler can spill juice on your lap. Always be prepared and bring extra clothes for you too.

What would you bring with you when you travel with your infant or toddler to a trip on a plane?