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Activities on the Plane for Hyperactive Toddlers

Travelling with an active toddler on an airplane will need planning and prepping to keep them busy while in flight. It is highly recommended to bring snacks (lots of snacks), that is probably apparent when travelling with kids but activities that could be done while stuck on a plane for hours is also a must. After many plane rides with my daughters, I always make sure that I have most or all of this item in our carry-on bag.

1. Coloring book and Crayons – I try something new every time we fly. If you have time and printer at home you can print some coloring pages, recently we did the Olaf coloring page (Winter theme) from the Disney website. But most of the time I go to the Dollar tree and get some coloring books I thought the girls would love to color. Sometimes with my busy schedule I would not be able to go to the store, then I just order some fun bundle in Amazon from Melissa & Doug ColorBlast! 

2. Busy Book, Puzzles and Mazes – This would be great for longer flights. Our favorite puzzles and mazes are from School zone like School Zone – Mazes Workbook or the little ones you can buy at the Dollar store.

Child in airplane. Fly with family. Kids travel by FamVeld (Canva)

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3. Ipad or Kindle – Greatest invention for parents (well in moderation especially when you are in one place for a long time) I would say. There are FREE apps you can download <here are some of our favorites> that are interactive and educational. Downloading their favorite movies on top of the apps would be good option too have.

4. Little Dolls or Toys – new and smalls ones that they never played with or their favorite toy or doll would be preferred on this type of trips. 


5. Play Doh – This is a hit and miss with my girls but if we do play with the doh we create shapes and our favorite characters or numbers and letters.



What is your little ones favorite to bring on a plane?