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A Safe Halloween Trick or Treating

Halloween day is fast approaching… are you ready for it? Every year we celebrate it with cute little costumes, trick or treating, Halloween parties, trunk or treat, or going to a pumpkin patch. This year will be different with the Coronavirus. Although our state officially did not issue Halloween guidelines for trick or treating and other Halloween activities yet, with the continue increase of COVID-19 cases here in our state we should still follow CDC guidelines and be wary of our surroundings especially with our precious children.

As parents we can still safely give our kiddos a great Halloween they can remember and celebrate it as normal as we can without the high-risk activities with crowds and strangers like trunk or treats or big parties.

It is a community effort to slow the spread of this pandemic therefore we should participate to wear are masks, to social distance, and to stay at home if we feel sick. We would want to make sure that are kiddos are safe but still have fun on Halloween day.


  • Incorporate masks with your kiddos costumes so they are still as they go around trick or treating. 
  • Try to participate in a small gathering costume party with close family and friends possibly outdoors or to visit pumpkin patches or corn mazes where everyone performs social distancing and wearing masks. 
  • The safest place is staying at home during this times but it there are still activities that can be done to celebrate the day like carving pumpkins, Halloween movie marathon, or virtual Halloween costume party with a contest to spice it up.



Last-Minute Costume Ideas

Does your pumpkin have their costumes ready? Not yet? Here are some easy to do ideas that are affordable, fun, and your pumpkins will enjoy.


Cowboy/ cowgirl [Classic]

FROM Little Red Window

Glow-in-the-Dark Stick Man

FROM Smart and Fun

Glow-in-the-Dark Stick Man


FROM Alison – Costume Works


Jelly Bean Costume

FROM Wizzley

A Ghost [Classic]

FROM Purewow




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